16 January 2009 | Team Tamar

New Yahoo CEO to hold on to Search Biz

Voltron19 million Dollar Carol Bartz is the new CEO of Yahoo, she has only been in the position for a week and in a company wide meeting on Wednesday she was reported to say that she has had informal discussions with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft about the future of theYahoo Search Business.
Yahoo, under Yang, rejected an almost 50 Billion offer last year for what is, at most, an 8% share of the global search pie. Bartz has implied that her initial thoughts have been to hold onto Yahoo's search business until she has "delved" into the matter (probably diplomatic speak for I dont know yet).

How long will this game carry on, Ballmer strikes as a man who gets what he wants, and he wants Yahoo Search.

What does this mean for the search industry as a whole? I think it means a lot, both companies have large independent research wings and loads of developing projects, these resources can be pooled and combined like Voltron and become a behemoth super weapon. My gut says that struggling Yahoo will have to sell and devote their energies to non-search activities.

Team Tamar