27 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Monitoring brand exposure to help your link building campaign

The Twitter movement is continuing to take the social networking world by storm with the latest convert @rustyrockets (aka Russell Brand) reportedly gathering 2,000 followers within 20 minutes of joining. Although this kind of uptake of followers may only be limited to celebrities and figures of authority, it cannot be disputed that the captive audience found within the Twitter network are exposed to numerous daily updates made by the profiles they choose to follow, which could  potentially include a comment about your brand or product. This level of exposure could on the one hand have an extremely positive affect on your brand with little to no cost to the marketing budget. Then again, it could have a very, very negative impact if this form of word of mouth marketing is not monitored closely.     

It was also reported today in a Guardian article, that Twitter messages are now appearing in the Google rankings. I've been unable to replicate this experience or find any examples of where Twitter updates are being displayed within the search engine results pages, however if this is the case, then this further widens the potential audience available to act upon the comments made. 

Now, if you are thinking what a great tool I can use to boost my link building campaign, then think again, that wasn't what I was suggesting when writing the title of this post. Firstly, this could be abused and therefore interpreted as SPAM so therefore a no-no. Secondly, the Twitter update will only allow adding a link in certain formats and only has space for 140 characters meaning links will generally be pushed through Tiny URL links rather than pointing directly to your site.

So, how can this help my link building campaign I hear you cry. Well, the potential brand exposure available through networking sites is vast. By monitoring this 'noise' through tools such as Tweet beep, online marketing teams are able to identify any opportunities to engage with past and potential customers and ensure that the relationship formed is a positive one. A happy customer is motivated to spread the word about what a positive experience they've had with your brand and are can potentially spread the word to their followers/friends/peers etc. through other link friendly means such as their own personal blogs, customer forums and review sites.

Monitoring word of mouth marketing is vital to any brand's success. The possible links that can be formed as a result of positive customer engagement is the best form of link that money can buy (or should I say can't buy). A genuine link pointing to your site surrounded by positive comments will not only help improve your SEO campaign, but will also and more importantly, have a positive affect on your brand reputation online.

Team Tamar