12 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Microsoft promises simplicity and speed with Windows 7

With what has the feel of admission to failure to
it (Vista’s failings that is), Microsoft
C.E.O., Steve Ballmer announced the release of its new operating system called Windows 7. It will be
made available worldwide on Friday, 09 January 2009.

It needs to be noted that
this will be a beta version (trial) and that the official version will be
launched later in 2009.
At a brief
press launch Ballmer had the following to say, "We are putting in
all the right ingredients: simplicity, reliability and speed." >Ballmer
also noted that his organisation had absolute confidence in their new offering
and so encouraged all to download and test it when it becomes available.

of Windows 7 early selling points appear to be, reduced boot-up times, extended
battery life and easier access to home and LAN connections. As I am sure most
would agree, all we really asking for is a less complicated and more user
friendly operating system than Vista.

Team Tamar

  • Adrian James

    My question is, once you download and install the beta, can you roll back to Vista if you don’t want to pay to upgrade to a full version of Windows 7?