15 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Jonathan Ross reaches out to Twitter audience for BAFTA comeback

It was announced on BBC news this morning that the recently suspended Jonathan Ross will be presenting this years BAFTA film awards as part of his TV and Radio comeback following his Andrew Sachs related suspension back in October. Ok…but what has that got to do with Social Media I hear you cry… Well, it seems that during Ross’ “reflection” time, he became quite obsessed by the latest social network tool Twitter. So much so, that he actually tweeted the BAFTA news at least 24 hours before the story was reported by mainstream media.

“Here’s a game you’ll like. Suggest an improbable word that I have to slip into the BAFTAs when I host them in February. Ready, set, go.”

@Wossy (Johnathan Ross’ screen name) doesn’t appear to be the only celebrity reaching out to fans through regular ‘tweets’. No surprise that the technology obsessed Stephen Fry is an avid Twitter fan, keeping followers up to date with regular postings about his latest travels and working projects as well as incorporating his feed into his own site, stephenfry.com, which he has affectionately named “Stephen’s Twitterings”. (If you are a big fan of the QI master, you may be interested to know that as part of Tamar’s ‘adopt a blog’ initiative, Tanya posted a review of Stephen’s site in our Social Media Blog.) I personally think this is a great way for public figures to communicate to their audience on a very personal level, as MySpace was in the past, and blogs are currently. Unfortunately there are some celebrities who have a team behind their Twitter status (yes that is directed at you Britney Spears) or worse still, fake tweeters assuming unsuspecting celeb’s name. 

I should also mention that there is of course a lot more to Twitter than stalking your favourite celebrities. More and more websites, organisations, authoritative figures, and common folk like you and me are joining the Twitter community, as they see what an opportunity they are presented with to inform and engage with a growing audience. For example, Tamar has its very own Twitter page which you can ‘follow’ and keep up to date with all the latest news and updates on natural search conversion.

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