8 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Hottest gadget predictions of 2009

I was wandering the wonderful web earlier today and I stumbled across a website called Gadgetophilia. The site claims to have an obsessive fascination with gadgets.

Now, I certainly do not have an obsessive fascination with gadgets, having only just bought a mobile phone which not only does message texts and calls, but also takes pictures, sends MMS’s, has a radio, Bluetooth and plays music…yeah! It even goes online if I ask it too. It’s the absolute height of technology for me, and it’s only a little, old, Samsung E250.

So when I scrolled down the list of Gadgetophilia’s Ten Hottest New Gadgets for 2009, I was easily impressed. Here are the three gadgets I liked the look of the most:

The Nokia N97:211

I’m a huge Nokia fan, and using my Samsung phone is only making me more of a fan, to be honest. According to Gadgetophilia, the Nokia N97 is “predictably going to make a revolutionary impact on the market. A true multimedia computer phone of our genre.” And it’s so pretty…. I’m going to start saving – apparently it costs a little more than € 550.

The Minoru 3D webcam

The Minoru 3D webcam is just too cute to pass up. Apparently it’s useful too: it uses two cameras to put together a three dimensional view, the same way the human eye does. Although users will have to wear red and cyan 3D glasses to see the image properly, these are easily available and the camera comes with five free pairs. It can also be used as a standard 2D webcam. And it’s so cute! Oh, did I mention that already?

The last one I did actually think was a hoax initially (I am still amazed every day at how compact technology can get), so I looked it up and found that it does in fact exist and actually won the Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design Competition last year.  So here it is:

The Napkin PC:

This tiny touch interface concept allows multiple users to collaborate on brainstorming projects, make notes or just play noughts and crosses, and it even uses “e-paper”, which doesn’t require power to retain an image. Awesome.

To see what else is on the list, visit gadgetophilia and check out the other cool stuff on what is going to become one of my favourite sites of the season. 

Team Tamar