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Google cuts services

Alex Christie

21 January 2009

Even Google is not impervious to the current economic climate and last week we saw announcements that they were closing engineering offices in Texas, Norway and Sweden, are rationalising a range of free servicessuch as Google Video which will be superseded by YouTube, Jaiku – the twitter clone- which will be wrapped up in Google Apps, and other less popular services like Catalogue search and Notebook will be shelved, though registered users will be able to continue using it. Other services to be axed are the Mashup Editor, an Ajax dev framework and Dodgeball.com, a mobile social networking site. 

Will we miss these services? Most of us probably won’t to be honest. For a while Google has had the luxury of pushing development in seemingly infinite directions and though cuts have been announced you can bet your bottom dollar development will not be put on the back burner at Google.



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