21 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #9 Boing Boing

It has been
nearly 3 years since I have started reading Boing Boing and I am perfectly
happy to watch a few more go by while I continue to read it. 

I was
forwarded a story that featured on the blog, and since then I have been pretty
much hooked into the varied stories and insights offered on a daily basis!

Boing Boing refers to itself as “adirectory of wonderful things"; but it is hard to describe this blog to a
person who is not familiar the phenomenon that is
Boing Boing, but I will give it
my best shot:

Boing Boing is an intellectually stimulating cornucopia of tales, both tall and true, with
a stratum of wit and humour; served with a side order of technology and

Boingboing-logoPosts range
from Steampunk designs
through humorous articles to the loss of freedoms brought
on by Government reactions to the threat of terrorism; while still managing to
maintain a feeling that all these topics belong in one place.

 It feels like I have gone out my best mates (who
I would like to call intellectual), spent the night around a table, had way too
much talkative-juice, discussed stories we have heard, attempted to solve the
world’s problems and someone was taking minutes.

started life out as a zine way back in ’88,
Boing Boing does carry a lot of
tradition and is often credited as having had
an influence in the
development of the cyberpunk subculture.

The site has now grown to include:
Boing Boing Gadgets, a showcase for new and exciting tech.
Boing Boing T.V, an online collection of video segments.
Offworld, an area dedicated to all things interesting that happen in the gaming

I highly recommend this site to anyone with a pulse. It is
full of interesting stories and strange yet wonderful sights.

Team Tamar