19 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #8 A List Apart

Adopt a blog

In this post I will be reviewing the blog A List Apart, from my own perspective.

This is a blog mainly dedicated to the "people the make websites" and is filled to the brim with different stylesheets and little bits of information that will make the world of web design a little easier to grasp.


  • The A List is written by the community of people that would learn from the site, designers, developers, project managers and a select number of specialists. This is a brilliant way of getting a truthful and unbiased reasoning from people that have learned and are ready to help others.
  • They have a "Job Board" directly linked from 37Signals, which is a very sought after job market for developers, programmers, designers and web based specialists. Facebook, NY Times, CNET, Adobe and many more major companies use this board for recruitment in the United States.
  • They give a great insight to the understanding of how visitors react to your website, and what could be used to achieve this.
  • No advertisements that will not benefit the reader. I honestly HATE ads that pop up or a site that is filled with links and ads that could be regarded as spam.
  • Categorising their articles into easy to find genres. This is a brilliant way to get readers to what they are exactly looking for.


  • They only post two stories on their homepage, I would have liked to have 4-6 posts on the home page.
  • "We regret that we cannot give design, code, or other web-related advice." this is what is written on their "about" page and by me reviewing their website, they do give advice and should not deter the readers from false notions

On the whole this is a very good website/blog that will benifit you if you are involved or take up an interest in the World Wide Web. You do however need to have sound knowledge of the internet to fully understand what is being explained.

Team Tamar