14 January 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Adopt-a-blog #5 – Social Times


The blog I will be mostly writing about today is the Social Times, ironic as I rarely make the time to be social.

Launched in Feb 2008 the site was (ctrl c) 'founded by Nick O’Neill, The Social Times was created as a way to leverage social technology to build the social technology industry'.

Areas covered range from Advertising through Podcasts to Virtual Worlds and with an average of nearly 70 posts per month there is a lot of information here.

Features on the site include RSS feeds, podcats and podcasts via iTunes as well as a being able to make friends via facebook and follow updates on twitter. They are also looking for writers here if you fancy a go!

Look and feel is functional over design, nowt wrong with that. See below:


The most popular topics are MySpace, Social Media and Twitter and there are currently 147 members.

Reasons to use the site include plenty of up to date information on all things social and while there is a US slant to the content as so much of it has relevance in the UK this is not such a big deal.

Reasons not to use the site? Well, there is an assumed level of knowledge on some articles so that can be a wee but disconcerting but overall it's a useful resource.

Best article I read was this one on Zynga and how much they are ranking in from Facebook and MySpace – $30 to $40 million!

Have a look, it may not be up your street but I will certainly be coming back for more!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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