13 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #4 – AllFacebook

AdoptABlogIf you are a Facebooker, Facebook addict, Facebook Whale or something remotely similar, then   keeping up to date with anything Facebooky is simple by reading the AllFacebook blog.

If however, like me, you use Facebook from time to time and find it a bit bewildering that people have more virtual friends than real ones, then Iā€™m not sure that this blog is for you. I find that resources like AllFacebook send me into rant mode and as it was my intention to recommend an alternative source of Facebook info, even though this would only mean me propagating the cycle of what I consider uninteresting information, the best one I am prepared to offer up is http://againstfacebook.com. Enjoy šŸ™‚

So what is AllFacebook? It bills itself as The Unofficial Facebook Blog, with a purpose to cover all issues pertaining to Facebook. Well, now that you understand which camp I sit in you can image my joy and delight at having to share my opinion on this resource.

AllFacebook discusses every morsel about new applications and sniff of new applications potentially in development, and reports on and discusses them ad nauseum. That Mr McBoredom in No Friendsville has developed a tool in his back bedroom that turns my screen into a mirror has me reaching for my razor blades in bewilderment….and not so I can shave! Have these guys not got something better to do or are they just panning for gold in preparation for Facebook's launch of its payment platform?

Even tiny updates in functionality, like a new link appearing when you mouse over your avatar allowing you to "Change Picture" are discussed. Fascinating I'm sure and a major time saving for those that regularly change their profile picture, but let's face it this type of information sits firmly in the 'I'm losing the will to live' bucket.

Some of the topical news can be of more interest and value. The debate as to whether Google or Microsoft should partner together with Facebook in order to integrate people search and general web search is an interesting one; surely a must if in fact one third of web searches really are related to people. That Facebook is considered as becoming the centre of such search is perhaps a little premature and ignores the value of sites such as LinkedIn, Xing and ZoomInfo.

AllFacebook also reports on disagreements and pranks – areas that certainly make this blog slightly more entertaining.

As for examples, first up is the news that a social networking aggregator has entered the market. I guess this should not come as a big surprise; the entertaining part is that Power.com (currently in public beta) is being sued by Facebook for non-compliance in accessing its user data. Ding ding, round 1.

Facebook employees are also perhaps not the happiest of bunnies, exposed by the (hoax?) story that a disgruntled employee changed the Advertising tab to read "Lying" instead. The public perception of Facebook's advertising programme is highlighted as an issue as a result. 

1 You may be interested to know that AllFacebook followed up a day later with another post about this not being the case, it was a translation issue, blah, blah, blah.

Additionally, the content is very much US focussed. I finally got excited last week when a post on the site started talking about football, but it related to the American Football playoffs and not our beloved soccer. Another disappointment šŸ™

So, surprise, surprise, I won't be returning to AllFacebook to keep abreast of Facebook developments. Instead I would visit the Facebook page and take a look at their Mini-Feed. However, if you are middle-American, eat pizza in dark rooms, hate talking to people in person and support Arsenal then this site / blog is made for you, and you can subscribe to the RRS feed here.

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