12 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #3 – DailyBlogTips

When I was assigning everybody a blog to review in this series of posts we've named 'Adopt-a-blog', I opted against being lazing an assigning myself one that I already read on a regular basis. Instead I chose Daniel Scocco's 'Daily Blog Tips' – a blog mainly about blogging, and one which is regularly in the 'Top 100 blogs' lists of various publications. I hoped it would be one that I'd be so in love with that I'd decide to subscribe to it on a regular basis, and I was half right.

I thought I would divide my thoughts in to 'Good' and 'Bad' things about the blog, though my 'Bad' list is pretty tame – generally speaking it's an excellent blog to read, and will be useful for a variety of experience-levels and blog-types. But that wouldn't make for a very interesting review, so stick with me here.

Bad – It might just be me being a bit anal, but I really hate it when blogs only show a snippet of each post in the main article stream – resulting in you having to click "read more" on each article. It's almost apologetic, like they think you aren't going to want to read everything they've got to say – let me be the judge of that! It's also a pain in the arse to browse on a mobile browser.

Good – The above issue, however, is solved if you subscribe to the blog using an RSS reader. Which is funny really, because lots of blogs seem to take the opposite approach. I like being able to read the whole thing in my RSS reader though, so top marks for doing it the right way (in my opinion!)

Bad – Whilst I know that Scocco used to work in the SEO industry, his blog seems to be becoming more and more SEO-heavy lately. Now I know that might sound a little odd for me in particular to criticise that, but my issue is that his blog seems to be losing focus. Not being a long time subscriber I might be missing something – maybe that is what his readers want. But I personally thing that a blog called "Daily Blog Tips" should stick to what it says in the title.

Good – The posts themselves are extremely well written. Daniel has a good way with words, and seems to be an expert on whatever he chooses to blog about.

Bad – It's a shame that the focus seems to be mainly on users who use the blogging platform WordPress. I know that WP is one of the most popular platforms, but I myself use Typepad and would love to hear more about what I can do with my blogs.

Good – It might seem like an odd one, but I quite like that he doesn't seem to moderate his comments – leaving in some of the more humorous spam attempts. I like to read funny spam when it's well written, ha ha.

Bad – Why doesn't he have any way to navigate back to previous months or years in the main navigation? I know he has highlighted a few "recent posts" and "popular posts", and technically you can get to an archive via the (cunningly named) "Archive" link, but I quite like being able to navigate directly from the homepage. But maybe I'm being too picky now!

As I mentioned at the start, the site is generally pretty great most of the time and I'm definitely going to subscribe to it for a little longer to give it a chance.

Team Tamar