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Adopt-a-blog #2 – StereoGum

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
8 January 2009

When Henry first came up with the idea of reviewing blogs I was really excited by the idea, I love reading blogs, well, I just love reading really. So I read blogs, they're by the people for the people. I generally tend to read blogs about SEO (to further my knowledge of my job), sports (people's opinions can be very entertaining), but mostly I enjoy music blogs and that is why I chose StereoGum as my featured blog.

Stay Positive
I am an bona fide music nut, I am obsessed with it, I always want more, I always need to discover new talent and besides for the bands I love and have grown up listening to, new music excites me. For example, last year I discovered a band called The Hold Steady, now some of you may have heard of them, but they are complete unknowns here in South Africa and that is where StereoGum separates itself from the hoards of music blogs out there.

StereoGum focuses on promoting indie bands. I do listen to a very wide variety of music ranging from Tom Waits to The Clash with a splash of Talking Heads and why not throw in some Roy Orbison as well? However, finding new music can be a challenge and in today's music industry there are many bands trying to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack and the majority of these bands are lesser known indie bands.

StereoGum takes quite a laid back approach to reviewing music and updating its readers with the latest developments from the indie world. As there are so many bands in the world I obviously (unfortunately) can't listen to every single one. Stereogum really does help steer me in the right direction, with great recommendations, opinionated reviews and the occasional video clip to enjoy.

It also offers a couple of great little sections to chew on:

The Progress Report

The writers share information about bands that might be in the studio recording a new album or maybe some feedback on how a given tour is going.

Commercial Appeal

This is a section that covers well known bands and what they are up to, giving info on their latest endeavours, etc.

Premature Evaluation

Here the writers take a shot in the dark (or not – depending on whether the album has leaked onto the internet) and give their thoughts and concerns about an artist's upcoming release.

Bands to Watch

Possibly my favourite section as the contributors review and mention some bands that are relatively unknown, but that should be checked out. As an example, they said at the start of the year that MGMT were set for global domination (not quite my cup of tea), but they were right. A very good resource.

Honestly, if you like music and want to be introduced to a world of obscure (yet brilliant in some cases) bands, StereoGum is definitely the place to start…



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