29 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #14 – My Fashion Life

As the credit crunch continues to bite away at my bank balance, I (like many others) AdoptABlog
have had to
take a long, hard look at my expenses and as a result have started to cut back on the 'luxuries' of life. For me, this includes the huge stack of weekly and monthly glossies I would escape to on my daily commute to work. With the dread of not being able to get my daily fashion fix, I quickly turned to fashion e-zines and blogs to keep me informed of what's hot and what's not,  which is how I came across My Fashion Life.

My Fashion Life (MFL) describe themselves as 'a fashion blog with a global approach to style and culture'. With many of the contributors working within the fashion industry the articles are very well written and really do give you the feeling that you are reading a professional magazine. Articles are added on a daily basis which should satisfy any fashionista's need for fashion related gossip. You can expect to find news items including the latest catwalk collections, store openings, need to know sample sales and promotions as well as an area dedicated to celebrity style. MFL also post interviews with up and coming designers, magazine editors and other influential figures in the fashion world which further indicates the high level of professionalism seen throughout the site.

The site design is very clean with advertising space kept to the right hand side rather than distributed through the articles as seen in other sites. The information is also very accesible through RSS feeds, Twitter and also has a Facebook page where members can view recent video posts as well as talking directly to the site's contributors.

One negative comment I have about the site is that it is very designer orientated and, although MFL includes an area dedicated to streetstyle there are not many articles relating to the brands that the 'real-life models' include as their favourite stores. Another point would be that the site does not include as many links to fashion items available to buy online which competitor sites such as Marie Claire and Grazia offer.

As a whole, I have really enjoyed 'adopting' My Fashion Life and will continue to read the daily articles to be kept up to date with the latest trends and designer news. Although the credit crunch will probably prevent me from ever owning any of the designer items it features, it will continue to provide me the escapism my morning commute has been missing.

Team Tamar