28 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt-a-blog #13 Huffington Post

A rather refreshing take on a US based news site (www.huffingtonpost.com) brings to life a liberal public view on events spanning from politics, all the way through to the environment. By encouraging views from all angles, Huffington post boasts a wide range of news stories to entice even the most subdued member of the public. From one liners to mini essays, views are expressed forth rightly; which can make this blog site controversial.

On a mobile accessibility front, it is not entirely user friendly; however the general site usage is simple, clear and to the point. In a world where convenience and laziness is an every growing attribute of society, the site accommodates for the quick scan and post in between writing those emails.

My personal favourite is the ‘green’ section, which hosts all environmental news stories, and interesting ways how one can do their bit in saving our planet. A blog response to an article entitled ‘Staying green in cold season: What To Do About Tissues’ started with being ‘Oh for God's Sake , get a life!’ is an example how the Huffington post sets a stage for quirky back chats, interesting sidelines and of course, the general agreement.

So, instead of picking up a metro, do yourself a favour, and invigorate your mind (and save a tree ) with what’s on the Huffington post.

Team Tamar