5 January 2009 | Team Tamar

Adopt a Blog #1 www.perezhilton.com

I like celebrity gossip.

I LOVE a pop/rock biography, read the celebrity pages in the daily newspapers on the tube and regularly buy cheap celeb magazines for long train journeys (excuse). But, there is a line. I stopped buying heat after they wrote an appalling story about Jordan’s son Harvey weight gain (she took Heat to court over this and won) and a friend bought me a biography of a pop/celebrity journalist in the summer, which I just can’t bring myself to read.

But, I DO want to know who Jennifer Aniston is dating, who Elton John is slagging off and what Kate Moss is wearing, but Perez Hilton is one big step too far for me with his personal aversions to some poor celebs. However, love him or loathe him there is no doubting that his blog is mighty popular.

I couldn’t keep up with the continuous stream of gossip (bare in mind I do have a job) with the most commented having 237 comments and still going. Admittedly the people talking about this particular blog (Lily vs Britney) did rather lose the plot at times, rarely write more than three words and involve one ‘emoticon’ and ‘whatevs’ too many for my liking.

God am i sounding like a nan!

As celebrity blogs go Perez is on it tho. He’s obviously got quite a fan base himself and in all fairness I admire his bravery as he opens himself up for some really nasty ear bashing as well. But I suppose if you are willing to deal it out, you have to take the punches.

I admired his attempt to post something more worthwhile in his post on Friends of the Global Fight (against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) but you could tell he’d just copied the text from somewhere else and he’d only got 2 comments, both of which weren’t exactly very charitable to say the least.

All in all it made me feel a bit old (think Brooklyn Beckham + Suri Cruise + an Olsen twin old) and frustrated (from what I see there is barely any navigation). But also grateful after reading some brutal posts about some celebs, that I didn’t call Hollywood back when they phoned! 😉

Team Tamar