15 January 2009 | Team Tamar

A little more from the copy writing team

As much a optimising for keywords is important in SEO, it is important for copy writers to remember that real people will be reading the website, press release or blog and that it is these people who count significantly more than the crawlers who index the site.


Because while the crawler may like your site and rank you higher on the pages, it’s the people who spend the money on your site, service or product…after all, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? So while the needs of the search engines must be kept in mind, the users must always come first.

Readers will be put off by shoddy writing, or dense and unreadable content. Keep it light, easy to skim and include lots of bullets, sub-headings and so on, and put the most important points at the top of the page.

A useful copy writing technique, which is important for both crawlers and people, is to be as descriptive as possible. Describing your service, product, company and so on in as many words as is reasonable is perfectly acceptable. Don’t say ‘our staff’ when you can say ‘our London office team’ and let everyone know your office is in London. Also, ‘our expert copywriting team’ works better than ‘our writers’!

Team Tamar