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‘Google for film’ search site launched

Simran Nanda
Simran Nanda
Account Manager
30 January 2009

You’d be forgiven for thinking from the title of this that Google has added another feature to their specialised universal search engines, but you’d be wrong. FindAnyFilm search site was launched yesterday by the UK Film Council where users can search for any film in the UK. 

The site provides UK film listings in multiple formats and also includes trailers and an alert service which prompts users when a film is released in a new format. What excited me the most about this site, besides the fact that I have a new toy to play with, was that the site is also running a heavy SEO campaign along with Google ad words campaign.

There is also good news for iPhone and Facebook lovers as  FindAnyFilm is looking to provide an iPhone application and a platform for Facebook for  film recommendations in the near future.
If you’re movie lover like me then I am sure this site will be your next stop. Enjoy



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