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Top 100 sites of 2009

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
23 December 2008

I'm a big fan of the website www.guardian.co.uk, which I read often to keep up with book and movie reviews and get a good idea of whats happening in the world of art and culture. The site also has a great technology section, which I read to learn about new developments in the land of tech.

The site has just announced their predictions for the 100 top sites of 2009, and, not surprisingly, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and the usual suspects are included on the list.

The Guardians predictions for the most popular browsers include Chrome, fresh out of beta; the faithful Firefox; social networking browser Flock; the mobile browser Opera and Apples' Safari.

Money Savings Expert is not surprisingly also on the list, what with a possibly gloomy 2009 looming, many will be looking for ways to cut back on expenses and save.

Interesting inclusions on the list include Songkick, which lets you find out where your favourite bands are playing next, based on your music library, and Google Maps Street View which promises to feature the UK soon.

Also, check out their podcast review of the highs and lows of technology 2008.



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