31 December 2008 | Team Tamar

The Queen loses out to Facebook on Christmas day

Using the Internet has become an integral part of how we chose to spend Christmas with people logging on to get in touch with with friends and loved ones.

In a survey conducted by the Post Office Internet usage over the festive season increased by 25% from last year. With  84% of people logging on on Christmas day.

Unsurprisingly the number one website on Christmas Day was Google followed closely by Facebook. Facebook usage on Christmas day began to increase between 2-3pm – the hour before the Queens speech was broadcast. Amongst the other things people logged on for were to email friends, check finances (after all the costly Christmas presents) as well as watching Christmas programmes and films.

Some also logged onto to shopping sites like Amazon, iTunes, eBay,
Argos and Play.com to start looking for January sales bargains.

Team Tamar