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The best websites in the world…ever.Vol.33

Simran Nanda
Simran Nanda
Account Manager
1 December 2008

There are too many to name when it comes to my favorite websites but there are few that I like to visit. Usually my favorite sites will be fashion related like bananarepublic
( I love the way the images fold on the screen) but I thought I will give you a taste of some more non-feminine sites.

For starters I quite like Flickr – I think it is the web’s best photography site. Every time I visit, there’s a new source of inspiration on display. It’s perfect for finding out about your next lens, discovering your next holiday location, and showing off your own pictures.

Another site which is a family favorite is us.gizmodo.com. An irreverent gadget blog, covering everything from the latest Apple laptops to USB humping dogs. A mixed bag in terms of content (and writing quality), but when it’s good, it’s essential reading.



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