1 December 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever.Vol. 34

It’s quite hard to select just 3 sites as my favourites but
if I must:

TWIT: Short for This Week In Tech, is a one man netcast/screencast
network staring Leo Laporte. he network has a show for everyone. My favourite
shows on the twit network are:

Security Now:  with
Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson the security guru. Steve is an excellent explainer
of all things cryptic. I look forward to this show as it gives you the low down
on the latest security issues and just makes understanding complicated things
such as encryption and protocols really simple.

Floss Weekly (Free Libre Open Source Software): with Leo
Laporte and Randal Schwartz, my favourite Perl author.  This show introduces audience to open source
software projects and interviews the people involved in the projects.

Windows Weekly: with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrot. Leo and
Paul sit down every week and try to talk all things Microsoft. They cover MS
events and review latest MS consumer products. There is a Mac version of this
show on the network called MacBreak Weekly, in my 2.5 years on the network I have
yet to check that out.

net@night: with the wonderful Amber Mac and leo laporte.
This show gives you the low down on what’s happening on the web, the latest
viral videos, emerging new online projects and social networks.

Twit: a panel of well known online tech experts try to hash
out the latest tech news. This is not your average tech news netcast where
there are time limits to discuss topics. Instead it’s more laid back and the panel
tend to have a sense of humour and every time some says Dvorak slashes blog you have to take a drink,
not necessarily but it’s a nice game. My favourite guests on the show are John C
Dvorak and Jason Calacanis even though they are not the best of friends or don’t
seem to be.

This is home to the Drupal CMS. Nearly every programmer tries
to build their own CMS and after understanding the nature of the beast just
gives up. I tried many times and finally gave in to using the Drupal CMS. It
wasn’t really a hard decision to go with Drupal because it has a rich set of
user contributed modules. I use the drupal.org site to browse through user
contributed modules and themes. Due to its easiness to setup I always tend to
have a drupal project going and just spend a lot of time browsing through the modules

I use Wikipedia as a starting ground when trying to research or understand
something new. I tend to read the Wikipedia articles first and then follow the
external links which point to more related resources.

Team Tamar