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The best websites in the world ever….vol. 38

Alex Christie

8 December 2008

When I moved to Shanghai last year, what I would have found really useful would have been a Shanghai version of www.tfl.gov.uk. Which I found endlessly useful while living in London. However, I had no such luck, but what I did find was the Smart Shanghai map. This is an interactive map of Shanghai city – in English – that helps me get around whether I am walking, taxi-ing or taking the Metro (the buses are still a mystery to me). Use this site if you ever visit Shanghai, I use it at least 3 times a week.

When my favourite blogger Jack Marx was kicked off the Sydney Morning Herald for writing a fictional piece about the then Australian Prime-Ministerial-Candidate visiting a strip club, I followed him to his new blog at news.com.au. Which just shows how valuable a good writer is to your site.

Avinash Kaushiks blog – Avinash Kaushik is the 'Analytics Evangelist' at Google, and the author of this blog on analytics. His blogs are always comprehensive and well thought out, he is a great teacher, and very responsive to comments and emails.



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