5 December 2008 |

The best websites in the world ever….vol. 37

Well, there are websites and there are websites…

There is shopping. After buying a very expensive dress and never wearing it I’ve banned myself from www.netaporter.com, they just make it all FAR too easy, but as many others I probably spend the most from Amazon.

Some websites are life changing… I’ve got in contact with lost friends on Facebook and TWO of my friends have fallen in love on Guardian Soulmates and My Single Friend. Much more valuable (and cheaper) then a posh frock, eh!

But the ones that I keep going back to, fill me with curiosity and help make the job nicer are the design communities. The good ones allow me to see in an instant what other designers are doing online.

My Top 5 are:

1. QBN
2. Computer Love
3. Creative Review Blog
4. Design Dust
5. Unproductive

And i’ll just give a final shout to Naughty James. He’s a photographer from East London who has been keeping a blog for donkeys. When I forget about it for a couple of months and catch up on what he’s been doing, its a real treat.

Good work!

Sarah Graveling

Sarah has been working online as a designer since graduating over 10 years ago with a degree in Graphic Information Design. She worked at Tamar in her early 20's as a Junior Designer, then spent a number of years away before returning to the agency and being promoted to Creative Director. Specialising in Conversion Design, she strives for maximum conversion rates for many key clients and implemented the rebrand of Tamar's corporate identity last year.

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