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The best websites in the world…ever.vol.35

Alex Christie

2 December 2008

At the last count there were over 100million websites available on t’internet – that’s some number, and for me rather hard to comprehend.  So with this in mind it was challenging to try and establish a top 3, but try as I did this is what I came up with.


Being involved in search, in theory I should loath this site with a passion; it’s designed in flash, URLs are messy and we won’t even touch on the country select function.  But despite all this I cant help but be a fan, from an early age ive always seen Nike as a ‘cool brand’.  Its certainly had a turbulent history from the first pair of trainers produced on a family waffle iron to its now iconic first sponsorship deal with the legendary Steve Prefontaine.  Today the brand has grown into one of the most recognisable in the world, the website has evolved alongside the brand and now incorporates a mass of useful information from training guides (in the form of Nikes’ revolutionary plus system), race details, viral games, product information and an interactive history of the brand.  It still is a step ahead of competition both in terms of online marketing an product innovation.  


2. Being involved in athletics, this site is great to keep up to date with the latest goings on in the sport.  It was initially created as source of information purely for runners, but the site has gained popularity and now is a useful resource for anything from nutrition to injury advice.  The sites world famous message board just shows how powerful mobilisation of user generated content can be.


3. I know it’s a bit of a sell out, but I use Google maps nearly everyday.  It’s an amazing application and just keeps getting better.  Whether you are using on your mobile, as a mash up or just playing around with the various tools its scope is just massive! 




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