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Social Networking to give you Power.

Alex Christie

1 December 2008

Social Networking has been a revolutionary international breakthrough, where I can have and meet people from all over the world on a multitude of social platforms. Some examples of this include Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 and many more. The question comes to mind: "What if I could implement a way of getting all these social networks in one place?". Power.com takes that exact thought and muddles all these exciting social networks into one big overview of your soon to be very busy social networking life.

Power.com isn't something new, it's been around for sometime now, but recently they have gained the spotlight in the USA.

Mashable wrote: "At launch, Power.com supports Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, MSN Messenger,
Orkut, and YouTube. While there is certainly some overlap between those
services, Power.com will become much more valuable when it adds
LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Skype, all
of which are expected to be added soon."

I would agree with them, this will start a great new service and definitely brighten up my social networking skills.



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