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Oohgle – I saw, searched and found

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
4 December 2008

Oohgle – but it missed the mark for me

On the tube at Hammersmith yesterday and a bit later than others I spotted a large advert for Oohgle. No other information was there, just the name. Being a curious nerdy sort I immediately whipped out my Blackberry and typed Oohgle into Google. What did I get? Well a sponsored result with the advertising message of 'Saw our Oohgle poster? Searched for Oohgle later? If Yes, visit Us!'

But I went straight into the site to get more information on my BB and was greeted with a big pink site. What is it all about? Well it is about a tool which allows you to analise the relationship between 'out of home and Search'.

Great, all sounds good and useful and I will be looking into it. But what I found interesting was that given this is a 'made up name' surely they should have the number one ranked site in the natural search results? But no, a bunch of other sites rank well before them.

But the main problem I had was that on the Blackberry apart from a missing graphic for the 'W' on their opening paragraph you are invited to click on two links, one on the left if you are in 'media' and one on the right if you are 'joe public'.

So I scrolled down the Oohgle home page and sure enough there was a button on the left for 'media' contacts but there is no button on the right for joe public – how annoying is that! Particulalrly as there were prizes on offer!

I really like the concept of what they did, put up posters and take advantage of peoples curiosity – it worked for me! But given that many people would do what I did and searched for Oohgle there and then I would have checked how the website looked on different mobile platforms. This is a really key point, think how people are going to access your site and make sure it is set up correctly. We don't all have iPhones (I did but I dumped it!) that browse sites as you would on a laptop or PC.

I would also have made sure it ranked as well as possible – ranking #1 for Oohgle should be a no brainer!


So I posted the blog and in about 15 minutes this is the number 1 result for a Blog search on Oohgle and already ranked #7 on the main Google index. Hey, isn't Google really quick!



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