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MSN launches new spider

Alex Christie

15 December 2008

Now I know that MSN Live is not everyone’s search engine of choice. Far from it, according to Hitwise data published in E-consultancy’s December Internet Compendium. MSN captured only 3.7% of the overall search market in the UK, dropping from 5.7% a year ago.

In spite of the small market share if you are getting traffic from MSN Live then you may be interested to hear that MSN released their new crawler called msnbot/2.0b last Friday. After a period of testing the new bot is set to replace the current one – charmingly named msnbot/1.1 (+http://search.msn.com/msnbot.htm) – as Live Search’s primary user agent.

The new spider will respect the robots exclusion protocol so no need to update your robots.txt file.



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