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Microsoft reflects on 2008.

Alex Christie

23 December 2008

As the sun goes down on 2008 it is a time for many of us to reflect on what has worked and also that which has not worked. In past year the world’s history books were rewritten with both good and bad factors.  Microsoft too did some reflection on what has worked and that which has not worked.

For starters 2008 was to be the year Windows Vista took off, this in fact did not happen. With many short comings and failings customers showed their preference.  What did however happen is solid sales for Windows XP especially in the corporate sector proving Windows XP was still the people’s choice. In what could be viewed as admission to Vista’s failings, Microsoft began promoting its successor, Windows 7 which in some quarters has been named “Vista done right”.

 Microsoft also reached a milestone of 25 years of trading. In many ways this meant the end of era as Bill Gates CEO and founder stepped aside and appointed Ray
as his replacement. Ozzie will therefore add his own spin to the strategic management.

As for the future, Microsoft announced a web based Office Suite similar to that which is offered by Google. As always Microsoft also made mention of their attempts to make inroads into Google’s search domination.



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