9 December 2008 | Team Tamar

Link baiting content – Boost your SEO campaign

Although content is king in the land of SEO, in order to maximise the ranking potential of your site it is important to support your campaign with a good and natural, link building strategy. One way to do this is by adding what is known as 'link baiting content' to your site. This could be anything from engaging copy, an interesting video clip, a controversial blog post… it's completely up to you. As long as the information is considered interesting and will appeal to your target audience, you can expect that the content will naturally attract links back to your site. 

Link baiting is a very affective 'white hat' SEO technique which can be easily implemented into your current strategy. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started and see an increase the number of high quality and natural links pointing to your site.

Lists – One technique which has proven quite successful in the blogosphere is to create content around your product/service/industry in the form of a list. This could include information from a recent survey or piece of research that you've just completed where you can summarise your findings. Alternatively, presenting 'tips and advice' will often stimulate conversation, as well as giving an opportunity to produce more customer engaging content on your site.

Humour – Another good technique to encourage users to link back to your site is by publishing something funny. People love humour and love to pass it on. Whether it takes the form of a funny article or a comical video clip, as long as it won't damage the reputation of your site, you will sure ti benefit from an increase in links pointing to your site.

Give something away – They say nothing in life is free, and to an extent, whoever 'they' are is right. Although by using this technique you will be looking to give something up, the number of links pointing back to your site should hopefully prove as worthy payment. With purse strings being pulled that little bit tighter around this time of year, bloggers will be more than happy to spread the word of a bargain on your behalf. Perhaps this could be in the shape of discount codes to online customers, or a free gift to the first 100 visitors who sign up to your monthly newsletter. 

Hopefully these ideas have helped get the creative juices flowing… One thing to remember though, is that link baiting content can take many forms and doesn't have to be limited to copy. As Google's universal search becomes more prevalent in the natural search results, you can use this opportunity to occupy more valuable rankings by creating content in the video, image and blog results, to name but a few. An added bonus of this type of content is that it also provides an excellent opportunity to create content around those niche terms which you find doesn't easily fit into the current site structure.   

Team Tamar