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Is History still written by the victors?

Alex Christie

17 December 2008

There is a theory that our mass-media is designed, monitored and fed to us by global bigwigs who profit off of keeping certain stories suppressed while elevating stories that support their agenda. This makes for an interesting discussion when you take into account that NBC is owned by General Electric, a very prominent arms contractor for the USA… I will let you make up your own mind on this topic, as (for the sake of this post) I am more interested in the way news reporting has to keep up with technology.


In recent times, news travels faster than it used to in the past. Pavlos Tsimas, a Greek reporter had this to say about how news coverage failed to keep up with the riots in Athens as they developed:

“We need to think about the future of our trade in an era when news travels faster [among society] than TV or radio. People turned out on the streets before radio and TV can air stories.”

The widespread use of the internet and social media nowdays, has transformed what was once a 24hour news cycle to something representing a little more like a 5 minute news cycle. People are becoming “journalists” by reporting on the things around them using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Breaking news is being reported as it happens, long before traditional media has even gotten their first draft up.

There is still a strong need for solid investigative journalism, a role best suited to be handled by the professional news organizations. For the most part though, traditional media needs to re-evaluate their position within new media landscape. How can they use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc? How can they make sure that they report on stories as they happen? How can they stay in the news reporting industry, given the marked decline in printed media and exclusive news coverage?

The one undeniable truth about social media as a news outlet is; that all news can now get the airtime they deserve, nothing can now be swept under the rug by news corporations and people are now no more than a few minutes away from any event as it happens.

In response to the famous quote by Winston Churchill: "History is written by the victors." I proudly declare that now, "History is written by the Twitters."



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