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Google updates it’s PageRank values for the toolbar.

Alex Christie

31 December 2008

According to Matt Cutts's twitter, Google have updated their PageRank values for the Google toolbar. Good news for some, and bad news for others…

As many of you know, Google keeps 2 sets of PageRanks: One that is numerically represented from 1 to 10 on your toolbar and then there is the internal PageRank, which Google uses in its metrics for evaluating websites.

While the PageRank on the Google toolbar is a fairly accurate description of how Google viewed a certain site on a certain date, the data that was used is fairly old and limited: Matt Cutts has said that the toolbar pagerank gets updated every “few months”. It is also fairly safe to assume that Google uses a much more precise metric (as opposed to a scale of 1 to 10) to give their Internal PageRank.

At the end of it all though, the data that was released today is the newest, and the only real representation of how Google views sites, that we have.

Enjoy it while it's fresh!



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