22 December 2008 | Team Tamar

Google launch new image search functionality

As Google continues to focus upon the personalisation of search results in 2009, the Google Image Search team have launched a new functionality which allows users to filter their results depending on the type of image they are looking for.

The new image search results can now been be sorted into news content, clip art, and line drawings which has joined the faces and photo content options which were launched a few months back. All of these options can now be selected from the 'any content' drop down box in Google Image Search as can be seen below:

Santa Claus - clip art.jpg

Santa Claus - line drawing

From an SEO point of view, this added functionality further stresses the need to add relevant keywords to the image tags in order to make your website's content visible in as many formats as possible, especially in a time where users can be a lot more picky about results they choose to view.

Team Tamar