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Google 2008 Zeitgeist

Alex Christie

11 December 2008

Its been another big year for the Internet. Following on from the release of Yahoo's top searches in 2008, Google has revealed its top searches for 2008 in its Year-End Zeitgeist.

The most searched term for Google users in the UK and in South Africa was Facebook. Hardly surprising considering the ever increasing growth of the social media giant. The majority of the top 10 searches in the UK were for our favourite websites – bbc, youtube, hotmail and yahoo as well as bebo.

It illustrates how much we actually rely on Google. Clearly people know what the url for facebook is yet they still type facebook into the Google search bar instead of the address bar. What puzzled me is how Google made it to the 8th spot on the most searched terms on Google in SA? Hopefully it includes
searches for Google Maps, Google Trends etc.. not sure but it's a little worrying.

So here are they, the most popular Google searches in the UK.

  1. facebook
  2. bbc
  3. youtube
  4. ebay
  5. games
  6. news
  7. hotmail
  8. bebo
  9. yahoo
  10. jobs

as well as the most popular Google searches in South Africa.

  1. facebook
  2. cape times
  3. games
  4. map
  5. yahoo
  6. news
  7. jobs
  8. google
  9. gmail
  10. pictures

From a global perspective there was an obvious preoccupation with the US elections and the Beijing Olympics. Four social media sites made into the top ten as well as a sprinkle of sports and celebrities.

Fastest rising global queries

1. Sarah Palin
2. Beijing 2008
3. Facebook login
4. Tuenti
5. Heath Ledger
6. Obama
7. Nasza Klasa
8. Wer Kennt Wen
9. Euro 2008
10. Jonas Brothers


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