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Countdown to 2009

Alex Christie

4 December 2008

Are you as excited as I am for 2009 to rollround? If you are, you are likely doing the same as I am and counting down the days. But now counting down is even more fun than before with the Google Coutdown to 2009. It not only does a live countdown, but also adds the magic of your childhood advent calendar.

Each new day on the count down Google will give you a new tip, many I'm sure will be new to you. Todays little surprise was a measurement converter for cooking, e.g. 3 cups in ounces. This is very handy for especially if (like me) you are downloading most of your Christmas recipes from the internet, many in measurements not used in your country.

You can also add the "Google Tip of the Day" to your iGoogle page and there is a mobile version to!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do every day.



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