8 December 2008 | Team Tamar

Blogs can be a right pain in the RSS

Blogs are great, I love reading them, love writing them, love finding new ones and commenting on 
Rss symbolgood examples, or lamenting those which are a bit rubbish. I'm partial to the odd Sphinn, and its great when yours turns up on a search. Oh and they are also great for SEO, you might have heard…

The whole point of blogs are that they are an ongoing, organic entities. There is no point writing a blog regularly, unless those who like to read them can follow them with a matching recurrance.

We're all so busy, I doubt anyone reading blogs actually makes a point of going online and seeking a blog out by a bookmark. In fact, I would speculate that the vast majority of readers of Tamar's blog, the one you are staring at with your very own eyes, do so via The Pulse, or subscribe using something like iGoogle or Google Reader. Anything else is just a pain in the, well, you know what I mean.

However, I have discovered cases in the last couple of weeks that have ruined my faith in the RSS feed. Well, maybe not ruined, it's not really the humble RSS feeds fault; but the way it is, or is not used. Gervais

Ricky Gervais was reputed, back in the day, as the champion of embracing online. His podcast was celebrated for being No 1 in volume of downloads back as far as 2005, and often since. Yet his blog has no RSS feed, so one has to do the online equivilant of fumbling around in a cluttered draw (my bookmarks) to find the desired ramblings of the ever-so-slightly-self-content funnyman.

I also enjoy the rants of Jeremy Clarkson, the chap is far more than a car journalist and has been cited as everything from public enemy no 1 to being touted as the rightful next Prime Minister. However, the Times, who he writes a weekly column for – and likewise The Sun (a mark of the man, transcending readership demographics, I would speculate) both do not have an RSS feed on his blog specifically, just general 'most read' stories. I dont want to be fed stories about Katie Price's latest enhancement or 'I'm aClarkson Celebrity', thanks very much. Shame. I'd read every week otherwise. I suppose there is the argument that its harder to find so I buy the paper, however, I'm often too asleep to buy The Sunday Times…

For two of the most controverial, edgy, outspoken, and witty men around, embarking in an inspired and often well informed pub-rant to all and sundry – regularly churning out such opinions with gusto – they aren't half making themselves hard to be heard in the online world.

Team Tamar