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Web 2.0 – 5 years on…

Alex Christie

13 November 2008

Web 2.0 is 5 years old.

Well, not yet, the concept is probably a wee bit older than the term "web 2.0" which first apparently arose from a brainstorming session between O’Reilly and MediaLive International.

By my calculations the big-bad-hype version of web 2.0 is 5 years old TODAY. The concept of "web 2.0" wasn’t even remotely new when it became big but it was picked up by the mainstream and actually started a conscious driving force about 5 years ago.

It was about 5 years ago that a lot of then unknown start-ups were just, well, starting out and venturing into the dinosaur riddled world of online. By my calculations Myspace was 5 in August, typepad is 5, del.icio.us is 5 and facebook along with flickr will be 5 in about 2 months time.



There is a very good reason for this timely coincidence, in late 2003 and early 2004 the internet was experiencing a boom like never before. Broadband penetration was, well, penetrating and users from all walks of life were engaging in social activities online, previously only the domain for IRC freaks and uber nerds, the internet was suddenly making sense to everyone. Programming languages were evolving toward easier development of large integrated scalable online applications. It clicked.

Happy birthday web 2.0, the name might be fading fast(finally) but the principles and foundations have paved the way for the next generation.



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