4 November 2008 | Team Tamar

VoxOx, the new skype

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something that could do what Skype does, that was until I found VoxOx. VoxOx could possibly be the next gen of Skype, you can do so much more with this application and once you sign up you get 2 hours free talk time. They boast a great list of services that I’ve not seen before ( and if you have please leave me a comment).
Services include:
1.)  Calling to anywhere and from anywhere in the world.
2.)  You get messaging with IM, email and Texting.
3.)  You can control all your social networking from one place and keep updated with contact numbers.
4.)  You can automatically update all your numbers from the networks you belong to.
5.)  Video conferencing.
6.)  Reach-ME* is having all your calls forwarded to your home, office or mobile (depending on your carrier) from your central VoxOx number.

And there are many more features that would make you switch to VoxOx. Their aim is to put you in total control of you interlinked media lifesyle.

Team Tamar