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The best websites in the world…ever.Vol.32

Alex Christie

27 November 2008

I scoured my brain trying to come up with my 3 favourite/best websites, the difficult thing is that I don't really have favourite websites, I could mention all the biggies you-tube, facebook, flickr, BBC, (yawn)  etc… but they are so ubiquitious that they are off my radar completely and couldnt possibly make the list.

I like TED talks, while the website isn't really a standalone entity, it is part of an offline organisation, but the site is a good source of inspiration and positivity (with a bit of doom and gloom thrown in for good measure). The speakers are all exceptional people and, they have 'ideas worth spreading'.

Yobler its like an educational you-tube, need I say more… Its fairly new so give it a chance.

Let me throw instructables into the mix here, it is fun, there is a lot of interesting stuff for people with lots of time (and [no hobbies/too many hobbies]) to do (like build yourself a wind turbine)

Nothing too heavy, but a few little things that can make the world a better place.



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