25 November 2008 | Team Tamar

The best websites in the world…ever.Vol.30

It would seem I am the 30th person to do a review of my favourite websites, this is very difficult to be honest, there are too many websites out there that I visit regularly and too many that instill a sense of "that was a waste of time" kind of feeling. This is generally a bad feeling and it does sometimes cause me to say silly things like "the internet is so boring" and even "why can't people just put something cool on the internet?" However I am happy to report that the internet is great, super fantastic and here are three sites (and reasons if you like) that justify my saying so:


Reddit is great for learning things. It is great at satisfying my craving for some of the funny, the interesting and the down right weirdness that happens every day online. Reddit is a social bookmarking site that allows users to (and thank goodness the submitters are weird – else reddit would not have made it to my list I fear) submit web pages and sites to it and it then creates a heirachy of the most popular ones by means of voting. This is done by voting something up or down, you can decide…


Quite the cop out I realise this, but how great is an encyclopedia that we can edit? My mum used to get quite angry when I used to draw pictures in our encyclopedias, this way no one gets hurt. I can further increase my "useless knowledge" by reading Wikipedia regularly and yes I do know who the "other guy" was in Wham. Andrew Ridgeley, thanks Wikipedia.

The Arty Ones

I am quite the fan of pretty pictures and such, but asking me to only pick one is rather complicated, so I have a list of a couple of site that I visit regularly to see what is happening in the "I can draw really good" world. I am not part of this world. I doodle, badly, but I can appreciate a pretty picture. Here are some of my favourite art sites out there…

Mike Mitchell – His illustrations are top class
Jacques Strauss – My flatmate, but I really do like his stuff.
Concrete Hermit – A great store in London, go and see for yourself.
Banksy – honestly, who doesn't like him?
Art in Hong Kong – One of the coolest websites I have seen.

Those are my 3 favourite websites (sort of), I have many others, but due to the rather personal nature of the content I am afraid that I cannot show them to you…They are (in no particular order) my Gmail inbox (I don't care too much for inboxes of others), my Facebook & last.fm info pages (so that I can neurotically update what ever obscure music I am listening to that week so that no one will notice – well, last.fm does it for me), I also rather like Henry's friend map thing he is doing (it is pretty groovy) and last but not least my iGoogle page – I really do like my Radiohead theme.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my post and maybe you learnt something new, maybe you didn't, either way I would just like to clarify, the internet is brilliant and always improving because of sites allowing more user interaction, and it really excites me, because I like things that I can make myself.

Team Tamar