6 November 2008 | Team Tamar

Tamar on Twitter

Tamar is on Twitter and we invite you to follow us!

If you are not familiar with Twitter, it is a free service which is
essentially a Micro-blog. Tamar staff can send status updates (Tweets)
via Twitter and all Tamar blogs are announced via Twitter when they are
published. I wrote a very detailed blog about Twitter if you want to more details.

Keep up-to-date on all our tweets by
1. Going to:  http://twitter.com/TamarUK
2. Register or sign in
3. Click on grey button in top left that says "Follow me"

Why use Twitter?

1. To network and build relationships
2. For searching for new trends (try http://search.twitter.com/)
3. To know instantly what Tamar and others (E.g., BBC) are talking about by following them.
4.- To understand the community and to "listen" (Try http://tweetscan.com or

Twitter could be as useful as you want or useless as you want, it depends on how deep you want to dig into the tool. Marketing, forums, self-promotion, politics — there was tons of activity related to the recent elections. It is now becoming more popular on live CNN forums and with many categories of news at the BBC.


Team Tamar