21 November 2008 | Team Tamar

Microsoft offers free Internet Security

Microsoft has announced
its intention to offer a free internet security option called Morro.
This as the software giant stops selling its Windows Live OneCare suite.

plans to release this free software by mid- 2009.
A spokesman for Microsoft had the following to
were committed to getting more consumers protected around the world and we
don’t want to confuse folks."

The spokesman did however acknowledge that Morro
was a “lightweight” security package when compared to some of the more
traditional internet security vendors. Strangely, he even encouraged customers
to purchase the traditional security packages if it meant their minds would be
at ease.

Current anti virus vendor, Mcafee saw this announcement
as a victory as Microsoft conceded they could not compete in the internet
security world. Another former rival, Symantec declined to comment but did say
they are keeping a close eye on Microsoft’s next move.

Microsoft is says it will aggressively introduce
Morro in emerging markets where there is lots of individual users who require “lightweight
security”. In time to come Morro will form part of Microsoft’s mainline
software packages which just expands its already impressive array of products.

Team Tamar