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Making the case for Visual Studio 2008

Alex Christie

11 November 2008

A big part of any successful organisation is ensuring that all expenditure is justified in terms of the expected ROI.  With this in mind I recently went in seek of documentation to support my development teams request to upgrade to the latest version of Visual Studio.  What I didn’t expect was to find that Microsoft had already done the hard work for me.   

Microsoft have created a section on their site highlighting all the benefits of using the latest version of Visual Studio 2008.  More importantly however they have created a document for developers to present to senior management outlining in business terms, the top 5 reasons for investing in the upgraded version.

I think this is an excellent approach that all companies can learn from.  Firstly it allows the service provider to control the message being presented to senior management.  Secondly it makes it easy for individuals in the client organisation to champion your product or service on your behalf.  Few of us have the time required to write detailed cost benefit analysis’s,  so having these provided increases the likelihood of a successful business case being made.

You can read the full business benefits of Visual Studio 2008 here.



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