11 November 2008 | Team Tamar

Happy (belated) birthday Windows

Twenty five years ago, a very confident young man announced that his latest software creation would revolutionise personal computers and they way they worked. In 1983 that might have seemed a little ambitious and ordinarily it would’ve been, but considering the young man behind the idea’s name, a certain Bill Gates, people should’ve taken more notice.

Windows 1.0 was announced to the public on the 10th of November 1983, but (as we’ve now come to expect from Microsoft) it was late. Well, 2 years late actually. He made a bold claim that day at New York’s Helmsley Palace Hotel by stating that his new user interface would be running on 90% of IBM computer systems by 1984. This was a little premature as it was officially available to the public for the first time in 1985.

Since then Windows has affected all our lives, it’s helped us enjoy our pc’s, it has also made us scream at our innocent monitors in frustration, but one thing that cannot be denied is Gates’ belief in his software, in 1983 he claimed that 90% of us would be using his software on our computers and strangely enough, that is roughly Microsoft’s market share today.

The original incarnation wasn’t around for too long (another trend repeating itself 25 years down the line) before being replaced by Windows 2, so thank you Bill Gates and Microsoft, but the thank yous don’t end there. The original name for the software was dubbed "Interface Manager" so thank you Rowland Hanson for convincing Bill that Windows sounds a lot better.

Team Tamar