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Google Analytics adds even more features

Alex Christie

3 November 2008

In October, Google Analytics released a few new enhancements to their tool, which are currently in Beta form. Unfortunately, not every Google Analytics user seems to get access to this yet, as it is just being rolled out.

Like most things, you don’t see the true benefits of it until you use it, so rather than just tell you about it, I am going to show you some reasons I think it is fab!

For Search marketers, the ability to quickly compare and segment really reduces your workload. Rather than having to export and use Excel to make up your own graphs, you can quickly compare the performance of paid/natural by segmenting the e-commerce report (for example).


Another great feature is that you can now make your own reports. A useful one for search marketers can easily be made like this:
1. Click on "custom reports" in the left hand navigation
2. Make the metrics = visits, revenue and/or goals achieved
3. Make the primary dimensions = keywords, and the second dimension = medium

This way you can compare traffic from keywords (PPC vs natural) without having to switch between reports or export and make your own

For an overview of all your online channels, you might want to do a report which shows the metrics as visits and revenue, and the dimension being medium (which means marketing strategy – PPC, organic, affiliate, etc).

Google Analytics continues to evolve and become ever more useful, without becoming unwieldy like some other analytics packages. This development is a huge leap forward for analysts who want to really get down into their data. 



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