28 November 2008 | Team Tamar

Do we really need to blog?

Well, yes, we do.

A blog allows readers to interact regularly with you, your company, or even your product. Whether you have a blog to promote your business, express your views, or stay in touch with fans, you will be communicating in an accessible, positive and engaging way, promoting conversation and self-expression and in the process also allowing your blog to generate traffic to your website, which leads to increased rankings.

Blogs are also great for advertising, or self-branding. Your blog is available to the online international public. A good rule of thumb to follow is to live by the mantra “Don’t sell, rather share”. Engage your audience in your life, business or product and they will come back for more. Posting interesting and relevant blogs will also keep the readers coming back, which again boosts your ranking.

Blogging is also a commitment. You will need to post regularly, and keep it up. Make it a daily, or at least weekly, ritual. Keep it up and you will soon see the rewards, whether it be increased traffic to your website, a boost in sales, or even a larger fan base.

There are a range of free blogs available, including www.blogger.com, www.thoughts.com and  www.blogscene.co.uk , as well as paid blog setups such as www.typepad.com and www.wordpress.com, which offers both a free service and an upgraded paid service.

Read this Guardian.com article from earlier this year for insight into the 50 most powerful blogs to date.

Team Tamar