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Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
17 November 2008

The benefits of using both onsite and offsite content

As everyone with a website knows, unique onsite content is vital, not only attract and hold visitors to your site, but also to help your website get noticed by the search engines and to help your site rank higher than the competition.

Search engine optimised press releases are also great way to get your website to rank higher…Press releases are sent to various press release sites and from here they can be found and used by journalists or anyone looking for information, news and developments relating to your company.

These press releases have many benefits; including the ability to generate backlinks, increase traffic to your site and make your company look like a credible and knowledgeable source of information in your industry.

Archived press releases also deliver long-term link value, which also helps your website rank higher on search engines. It’s also completely natural – no black hat or contrived methods to get your website ranked higher and higher.

Ultimately adding fresh, unique content to your site not only builds your website but also provides the search engine crawlers with something to measure your sites relevance by, while search engine optimised press releases can help you achieve excellent rankings within major search engines and create greater visibility for your website.

It is best to have a balance of both, which work to increase your ranking.



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