10 November 2008 | Team Tamar

Copywriting 103

Before a copywriter can even write the first word of an optimised press release, he or she must know which keywords to optimise. This keyword or -phrase is the term that internet users are most likely to type into the search bar. Google has a useful tool which allows users to identify the best keywords.

It’s quite amazing how this reveals web users preferences:

“Car insurance quote” gets 110,000 searches in this example, while “car insurance quotation” gets 1,300. Web users are looking for fast answers to fast questions… and most can’t be bothered to finish typing out a whole word.

Variations are also important. For example the keyword ‘car insurance’ can be interchanged with ‘motor insurance’ or even ‘vehicle insurance’ on occasion. It’s a good bet to optimise for as many different keywords as possible, in order to rank and catch trade for all the words which a search engine and an online insurance seeker may use.

As an SEO we assist our clients by advising them on the best keywords and niche terms, based on our experience in this field.

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Team Tamar