17 November 2008 | Team Tamar

Cheaper mobile calls are here

There are over a billion land line numbers that you can dial worldwide (350 million in China alone). The number surprised me at first considering the population of the world is 6.7 billion people. The arrival of Voice over IP (VOIP) and with it Skype gave us the ability to talk via the internet allowing huge savings on local and long distance call charges.

When it comes to mobile usage the numbers are a lot bigger as are the call costs. Almost half the population of planet earth use mobile phones. (That’s rough 3,5 billion people) Making it the most widely spread technology and the most common electronic device in the world.

Now a service called Fring will allow you to do the same thing that Skype does on your mobile phone. Download the software onto your mobile and then buy data bundles which allow you to call people via the data connection on your phone. As one would expect the quality is not as good as your normal telephone link, but the cost makes up for it.

To give you an idea of the savings from a South African cost perspective, the best deal you can get for data bundles is reportdedly about 20c a Meg in SA, which means you pay about 1c a minute instead of R2-R3 per minute. 

Team Tamar