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All charged up

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
9 November 2008

Everyone laughed at me in the office when I bought this. But the laugh is on the other foot (hmmm, nothing like mixing a few metaphors) when they all saw how useful it is!


I hate the number of chargers I have to lug around with me now with all the various ipods, digital cameras, phones, BlackBerrys etc I have so when I saw this ‘universal charger’ I leapt at it. It’s a great solution to a 21st century problem. A neat place to put all your gadgets and to ensure they are fully charged when you set off on the hoof again.


The Sanctuary contains chargers compatible with up to 1,500 everyday devices apparently.
Certain members of the Tamar office have been trying to find something it won’t charge just to annoy me but so far it has out-foxed them. All this and just one power cable so no more tripping over multiple charger leads every time I leave my desk! Job done.



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