12 October 2008 | Team Tamar

YouTube to broadcast full length TV shows from CBS Corp

Following announcements from YouTube on Thursday about new monetisation techniques for Youtube, with the market leader for online video tabelling plans to sell music and video games online (discussed in earlier blog by Louis), Google have since declared the addition of a new feature to its most sizable acquisition.

Louis’s blog mentioned the use of new advertising techniques, but since the announcement that YouTube is to deliver feature length episodes of CBS Corp shows like ‘Californication’, ‘Dexter’ and ‘The Young and the Restless’, it’s also become a bit more clear as to how these advertising techniques will be manifested.

It appears that advertisements will run ‘pre-roll’, ‘mid-roll’ and ‘post-roll’ (Why would you watch the post roll, unless its for something you are really keen on?!), and is surely a logical method to monetise YouTube – a subsidiary that has long had question marks raised against its financial contribution by shareholders. The advertising solution has not however been described as difinitive and permanent – Google Chief Executive
Eric Schmidt has been quoted in July admitting that ‘The perfect ad product
for YouTube has not been invented yet.’. The announcement is surely to be seen as a step towards the solution for this challenge.

One thing that YouTube has never been short of is feedback – one of the reasons behind Google introducing a service that audibly reads opinions back to those making comments – something that online comic XKCD commented rather well on. Given this, one way or the other, we’ll soon know whether the benefits of feature programming on YouTube are going to outweigh the common antipathy for associated and embedded advertisement.

Team Tamar

  • http://www.soaps.com/youngandrestless/news/2653/This_Just_In_YouTube_Now_Streaming_Full_Length_Yan YouTubewatcher

    I love that I can catch my favorite soap on You Tube now, thanks!